Tips for Proper Visitor Visa Application

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There are many different types of visas allowing people to enter the United States for temporary purposes, and at Buhler Thomas Law. P.C., we’re here to assist you with all of them. One of our most common services is for what are called visitor visas.

Whether entering for work, pleasure or medical care, the visitor visa is a non-immigrant visa for people entering the country temporarily. Let’s look at a few basic tips for applying for a visitor visa.

Accuracy and Truthfulness

This may seem obvious, but it’s absolutely vital that all information on your application, and during your interview, is accurate. Make sure all handwriting is clear and legible, and all forms are filled out exactly to specifications. If there is even a hint of confusion on any areas, make sure to ask a consulate staff member or your immigration attorney for assistance. If you make a mistake on the form which cannot be covered up easily, simply ask for a new form – far too many visitor visas are rejected simply because information was incomplete or could not be easily read.


There may be several items immigration officials ask you for, and you need to have these ready. These could include things like return air tickets, medical insurance, passport information or other details.


There are a few separate little details which may crop up in the visitor visa process. Here are some brief tips for a few of the most important ones:

  • Use the same passport for your application as you will at the time of interview – if your passport expires within 6-12 months of your application, it’s recommended that you get a new one in advance.
  • If language is an issue, request a translator.
  • Once you receive a visa, carefully check for any errors in details like name, date of birth, type of visa, etc.
  • Remember that the date of expiry you need to pay attention to is located on your I-94 slip, which will be attached to your passport – not on your visa. Usually these are the same dates, but if they aren’t, assume the date on the I-94 is correct.

Want to learn more about visitor visas, or any other immigration element. Our immigration attorney at Buhler Thomas Law. P.C. is standing by to assist you.