Employment/Work Based Immigrant Visa Attorney


A permanent labor certification issued by the Department of Labor (DOL), also called a Prevailing Wage Determination is the first step taken by an employer in hiring a foreign worker to work permanently in the United States. In most instances, before the U.S. employer can submit an immigration petition to the Department of Homeland Security’s U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the employer must obtain a certified Prevailing Wage Determination from the DOL’s Employment and Training Administration (ETA). 


Employment-based immigrant visas are divided into five preference categories. Certain spouses and children may accompany or follow-to-join employment-based immigrants.


Employment First Preference (E1): Priority Workers

A First Preference applicant must be the beneficiary of an approved Immigrant Petition for Foreign Worker, Form I-140, filed with USCIS. Labor certification is not required for any of the Priority Worker subgroups. 

There are three sub-groups within this category:

  1. Persons with extraordinary ability
  2. Outstanding professors and researchers
  3. Multinational managers or executives

Employment Second Preference (E2): Professionals Holding Advanced Degrees and Persons of Exceptional Ability

A Second Preference applicant must generally have a labor certification approved by the Department of Labor. A job offer is required and the U.S. employer must file an Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker, Form I-140, on behalf of the applicant. Applicants may apply for an exemption from the job offer and labor certification, known as a National Interest Waiver, if the exemption would be in the “national interest.” 

There are two subgroups within this category:

  1. Professionals holding an advanced degree
  2. Persons with exceptional ability

Employment Third Preference (E3): Skilled Workers, Professionals and Unskilled Workers (Other Workers)

A Third Preference applicant must have an approved Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker, Form I-140, filed by the prospective employer. All such workers generally require labor certification approved by the Department of Labor.

There are three subgroups within this category:

  1. Skilled workers
  2. Professionals
  3. Unskilled workers (Other workers)

There are two other EB categories for special immigrants and investors but the majority of the employment-based visas are given to applicants who apply to the above categories.

At Buhler Thomas Law, P.C., our Provo green card lawyer has more than 25 years of experience guiding both individuals and businesses through a wide variety of immigration matters. The most important factor is to plan ahead and consult with your attorney at each stage of the process. 

Because immigration law is governed by federal law, we can provide legal services to clients domestically and internationally. Contact us today.

Buhler Thomas Law were very helpful and informative by initially giving a consultation by answering questions and helping with reviewing my documents and in submitting these documents the process was quite easy because of them and I did not even get any issues I highly recommend them and would encourage everyone to try them out
michael K.
Speed, efficiency, professionalism -- Kim and her team are so good in what they do! After we got our documents together and submitted, the process was just so smooth, practically stress-free! The hardest part was probably gathering the documents, but when we slacked, Kim and her team were right there to make sure we moved on. The gentle persuasions, the reminders -- we knew we were taken care of! Thank you, Kim, and your amazing team!
Dennis L.
I’ve had Kim help me with stuff in the past. She’s super helpful and great to work with.
Martin W M.
RE: Recommendation of Buhler Thomas Law, P.C.4/17/2023Kim,Your Law firm did exactly as promised. You stayed on top of my immigration paperwork and timeframes. When delays took place, you readily took over and resolved the issues the Immigration Department had.Because of your diligence, I now have my Green Card and can proceed with my life in the USA with my husband.Again, thank you so much with staying involved and resolving complications created by my move half way through the process.I strongly recommend you and your firm to anyone wanting their immigration process to be handled professionally and in a timely manner.Sincerely,Wendy Harris Groth
Kelly G.
I worked with Kim to obtain my permanent residency status and she made the process so much easier! I tried to do the paperwork myself, but the application was so confusing to me and difficult to understand. When I connected with Kim, she was able to ask for my info in clear and simple ways so she could fill out my applications with the right items. This made me feel very confident going through the process. Her paralegal team (I worked with Tori and Sarah) was always quick to respond to my questions and calls and was thorough in putting together my documents. Also, they worked really fast! They really put together my application as soon as possible. Everyone at Buhler Thomas Law is kind, professional, and wise. I would recommend them over and over again. I can't thank them enough for their help.
Justine K.
Kim is very thorough and professional to work with. My wife and I are very happy we decided to work with her and would definitely recommend!
Zeb S.
I can not be grateful enough to Kim and Thomas . The work they have done with their team to get me my H1B and Green Cards for my son and me was just amazing.It was impressive how flexible and ready to answer all my questions with patience and niceness they are. They, all are very active and very responsive. I have been to their Office many times, I was received very well and warmly. I couldn't help but be impressed by their effectiveness and kindness!
Informative and honest.
Arnaldo F.
My family really enjoyed working with Kim and her staff. She is very thorough and will help in whatever way she can. I highly recommend her work!
Audrey W.
Kim helped me and our department and university successfully navigate the obstacle course (to put it mildly) of the process to secure the immigration documents needed to hire and keep a great faculty member - who then recently received an award for excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service.I would highly recommend her to anyone requiring expert, sensitive, effective counsel for academic or individual needs. She would be a superb teacher herself - she clearly explained the underlying issues, principles, and requirements in ways that made it much easier to avoid mistakes as differing situations arose. She was patient and instilled appropriate patience in us to sustain us through the difficult process, but when immediate action was called for, she was always available at any time or day including weekends, and we could tell she was as passionate as we were for the hoped-for proper outcome. Similarly, the right combination of diplomatic where called for and direct when needed. Working on such fraught matters could have been a miserable experience, but with Kim it was a pleasure and actually enjoyable learning experience, and best of all for the colleagues involved and the school, it was a complete success.
Bob P.
100% recommend!! Kim generously offers invaluable presentations at my university and several others. These presentations and her consultations have been a huge blessing to my family's immigration needs. Thank you Kim and staff!
Jonathan H.
Kim and her team were really responsive and detail-oriented. They were in constant communication with me and my employer as we working on my H1B work visa application. I reviewed all my application and I was impressed on how complete and thorough it was. In fact, I want to say thank you to Kim and her team for making it possible for my application to be approved and for educating me and my company on how the process worked. Totally recommend to consult this firm for any immigration concerns.
Marjorie R.
Great staff, friendly and courteous. Professional service.
Roberto Villanueva R.
Excellent Immigration Service: For Peace of mind, go with Buhler-Thomas Law.I highly recommend Kim Buhler-Thomas and her team for any immigration services. My employer retained Buhler-Thomas Law for their professional help for my transition from an OPT work authorization to an H1B visa. That was the best thing that happened to me. Kim and her team provided relevant and adequate advice to my employers and worked hard to ensure that my LCA application was certified by the DOL.Kim and Chelsie, the paralegal assigned to my case, were deeply knowledgeable of the vast and complicated immigration process. The team at Buhler-Thomas Law responded promptly to my emails and questions, even working after office hours on my case. Their efficient preparation of my application packet and the filing process with the USCIS happened with zero tolerance for errors. As a result of their excellent immigration service, my H1B application got approved in record time without any request for evidence. I am sure my employers will retain their services for my permanent residency and green card processing.Even more outstanding of their service was that I did not have to have physical contact with the Buhler-Thomas team. All communications, correspondence, and exchange of paperwork were done online!!! My physical presence at their office was not needed. For Peace of mind, go with Kim!!!
Nneamaka I.
When we were looking for an attorney to help us navigate the complex world of immigration law, we came across Buhler-Thomas Law. How can anyone have 5 stars with nearly a hundred reviews? By making the client feel heard, respected, and genuinely cared for, as it turns out. Kim understood our unique situation and went out of her way to help us. Her team was attentive, patient, and diligent. Ash, in particular, spent a lot of time with us putting our documents in order. Kim made sure to be available for our questions, even if she had to explain some things a few times. Outstanding business ethics. Thank you!
oksana P.
Kim and her staff helped our son with his K1 process. They told us what we needed to do and we just uploaded the documents. They put it together for us and sent it in. They were willing to take the time to help us review the documents and answer all the questions we had so that our K1 would be in great shape before it was sent.
Janet N.
Kim Buhler, at Buhler Thomas Law, is amazing. She was helpful, clear, and smart. Her team at Buhler Thomas Law is excellent too. They follow-through and do what they say they will. I am grateful to them for their work and their kindness along the way.
Endhi V
Worked with this law firm for my work permit and for my green card application. They are super professional. And most importantly they are diligent when filling your application. Highly recommended!
Gagan Deep Singh B.
Kim helped my family and I with our L1 Visa and my Green Card applications. Just a phenomenal lady, with knowledge and tenacity. The peace of mind Kim and her team gave us was priceless, and walked us through the processes step by step so we knew exactly what was happening, and why. Cannot recommend Kim highly enough.
Stephen J.
Kim helped me with my EB-1 and green card application which were both successful without any hiccups. Kim is detail-oriented, thorough, and always quick to respond and follow-up. She keeps up to date on current immigration issues, and always had the expertise to deal with any questions and issues I brought up. Her staff were a pleasure to work with, and very responsive. I would strongly recommend her to others looking for a highly competent and expert immigration attorney.
Jeff G.
Very very great law firm!!! Straight forward and up to date with all things Immigrations. Kim did a great job explaining the ins and outs of my issues!!! High quality and resourceful conversation!!!Will do business again!!!Pacome
Soldier Stephen Ben I.
Immigration is a highly complex area of the law to navigate. When it comes to both potential and current employees within the realms of immigration and visa attainment, it is absolutely crucial to have trust and confidence in the firm you choose to guide you through its entirety—from conception to finality. That’s where Buhler Thomas Law comes into play. We work directly with Attorney Kim Buhler and her phenomenal team of paralegals for our company’s immigration needs and have absolutely no desire to look elsewhere. They live and breathe service and excellence and are phenomenal to work with. I highly recommend this firm to anyone seeking assistance in immigration & naturalization law.
Melanie O.
Kim truly cares about people. It is hard trusting lawyers at times especially with the costs of immigration but I can certainly say that Kim truly cares about students and people. She does a lot of work to help people in the community and I don't know a better lawyer to help you succeed in your immigration journey than her.
Jonathan B.
During my H1 and GC process, Kim and her team were highly professional, very meticulous, and caring. I am extremely grateful to her as she took me out of immigration darkness to light and gave me so much happiness. Kim is truly the Best Immigration lawyer, detailed oriented, and a wonderful person.
Ala'a A.
After getting married, I do like a lot of people, Google the nearest immigration lawyer and read their reviews. I have to say chosing kim Buhler Thomas Law was the best decision I have made. In avoiding to be too detailed, my process went like this. Apply get work permit wait the longest for interview, denied after interview because I never get all the documents kim asked for. Kim then decided to reapply so I start all over again. Honestly after getting denied I thought that was it but kim suggest I reapplied. That helps me to get a new work permit and continue working while I start the process all over again.Please Please Please people fallow every step she asked of you. If I had done what she had asked I would not have gotten a denial in the first place. However if you have being denied good to know that's not the end of it. This process takes me almost 4 years but to reach this point where I now a green card holder it was well worth it. Kim and her entire team, have been nothing but thorough throughout the process. I've been acquainted with so many of her helpful paralegals who I've come to know and trust over the years especially, Eliza Orellana, Evelyn Muñoz and Grant Payzant. Once Again Your Success Throughout This Process Depends On You Doing Everything Kim Asked You To.I will continue to use her to fulfilling all my imagination needs and recommend her to any and everyone.
Daniel W.
Kim and her paralegal Eliza made my H1B work visa a reality in our current highly complex circumstances! Kim's communication exemplifies a perfect combination of personable and professional. She gets to the point and gets it done! Her knowledge of the application process is profound. She also understands my unique circumstances and has integrated them into the application process seamlessly. Kim and Eliza keep perfect track of the massive amount of information I send them and answer all my questions quickly and very clearly. Kim's patience, courtesy, acumen, attention to detail, and very intensive hard work allowed us to succeed in an impressively timely way, and I am so grateful to her and Eliza. I fully hope to work with Kim and Eliza again. They accomplished magic. Thank you so much, both!!
Jasmine S.
For international people like me, the whole immigration process and paperwork can be very intimidating. Kim’s office and staff is an expert in what they do. My employers retained Kim’s firm for my work visa H1B. Their staff is very professional and stayed on top of things at every stage of work. They reached out to me by phone or email to get things done in a timely fashion for all kinds of paperwork needed. I am sure that my employer will contact Kim again for the green card when the time comes. I strongly recommend their service for any kind of immigration-related issues.
Rajnish K.
Kim and her whole team were so easy to work with and were willing to answer any and all questions I had. They made a detailed process easy to follow. I highly recommend their office for your immigration issues!
Becky B.
Kim was professional, extremely knowledgeable, and very well connected. My wife (not an American citizen) and I faced the challenge of getting married overseas and navigating the green card process and re-entry into the United States. My wife's history with visa applications, visa expiration, and travel obstacles made it a delicate situation. Kim helped us from start to finish. She explained what paperwork was necessary, how to file it, when to file it, and the possible timing scenarios and situations that we could have faced. She also helped me to remain calm, despite the processing being frustrating at times. Her help greatly contributed to my wife obtaining her green card, and our return to the United States.
Cristiano P.
Kim has provided specialized legal services to my organization for many years. She has proven over and over that she is a world-class professional. We recently finished successful permanent residency processes for two employees due to Kim's expertise and experience. Kim and her team were consistently responsive, supportive, and competent.
Beth B.
Kim and her wonderful team helped me through the green card process successfully. My husband and I did everything we could to do the right thing. It was wonderful to have Kim working alongside us and doing everything in her power to make sure we submitted the best application. When we received a Request for Further Evidence, she met with us a few times to help prepare another file that went through no problem. She and Grant are incredible and really have your best interests at heart! They want to help you as much as they possibly can and are super reasonable about how they charge you. THANK YOU KIM!
Hannah B.
Kim is absolutely amazing. She helped with my wife's greencard process and made a stressful situation pleasant. Kim and her team are immigration wizards with a very streamlined, professional and thorough process. She and her team are not only incredibly knowledgeable, but also very personable and genuinely interested in helping us through the layers of government processes and forms.
Ben R.
Kim is prompt, responsive, and professional with her work. Kim worked on my Permanent Residency Application in March. We went over every single page to verify details and addendums. Being extra careful and disclosing helped with my case and eventually led to the approval. Highly recommended for any students who need help to transition.
Junsuk C.
I moved to the USA to live with my wife and our 2 beautiful children. My visa was almost expiring and I had limited knowledge of what I need to start the application process for the Green Card. Fortunately, learned about Kim. I sent her an inquiry note and she responded promptly. She is professional and very knowledgeable in all questions on immigration. My visa was expiring soon and she worked so hard and sometimes outside normal business hours to make sure we meet the deadline in submitting the documents.In addition to her extraordinary professionalism, Kim is kind and friendly. She owns your issue and compassionately supports you as a friend. She has uniquely trained her team to work with the above values.Kim went beyond and above as an immigration attorney for me. I am thankful and I highly recommend her to anyone who needs great service.
Joseph M.
Kim has helped me review my immigration packages to become green card holder and then naturalized citizen. She has also helped my mother review her immigration package to become green card holder. In both processes (mine and my mother's), she has been very thorough and helpful. Our process was quick and I believe it is because of her expertise and advice in how to present all the information USCIS needed and more. All of our interactions, except for one, had been via phone calls and emails and in all cases, she has answered very detailed and quickly. I would highly recommend Kim for immigration work!
Huong M.
Kim and her team are exceptional. Focussed, motivated, and most importantly, seriously knowledgeable about the vast and complex world of immigration, employment visas and green cards!With Buhler Thomas Law driving the permanent residency application of myself and my family, we received excellent service. The scale, scope and timelines of transitioning from H1B visas to green cards can seem overwhelming, but the expertise and professionalism of Kim and her team mitigated this anxiety a great deal. Throughout the lifecycle of the entire process, their direction is clear, allocation of tasks manageable, and their reporting is excellent.Her firm moves at a pace that inspires confidence and our case always felt to us like a priority to them. They were patient, personable and helpful in all their interactions with us. I can unreservedly recommend Kim Buhler-Thomas to individuals and organizations needing outstanding, effective immigration law services.
Kim is the one who does all the international students visa process in the town and she's does great job for that too. Very professional and quick to making things flow for the crucial procedure of your visa. Speaks really fast so you will need to listen very quickly. She tries to to be as efficient as possible so does things very quickly for her clients. Never wants to waste your precious time and money on any unnecessary moments because we all know hiring a lawyer in doing this ain't cheap. So should go to her!!
Jintoku T.
Although my case was tough and it took long time to be approved, Kim and her team never gave up and they helped me a lot. They are highly knowledgeable about what they do and I’m glad I chose them.
Masato S.
We had a consultation here for my fiancee's green card and found the practice here very fair and understanding. They don't try you to get services you don't need which is wonderful
Christina C.
Kim and staff are extremely knowledgeable, straight to the point, honest, proactive and professional. They helped me explore my options and pointed me in the right direction. I recommend them 100%!
Carlos Henrique M.
Kim helped my husband and I a lot in the Green Card application process. She is very professional and friendly. She listens and understands clearly and helps in every step of the way. I highly recommend Kim’s office in the immigration issues. She delivers great services to her customers. Her office staffs are so friendly and professional as well. Kim and her staffs are all quick to respond and answer any questions one might have regarding the application process.
Louise J.
I appreciated how Kim and her staff guided me through what I thought was a nearly impossible task. Kim's positive and persistent personality were especially helpful. On top of that, her staff communicate clearly, telling me exactly what I needed to do. In the end, it was a big success and I couldn't have done it without her.
Rod G.
Kim was excellent from the beginning. She knows everything that is going on currently, she gave me all the possibilities and she told me what my best option is. She won't hide anything from you and she will tell you exactly what you need to do to have your best chance. She cares and she will be completely honest with you. I completely recommend Kim's office.
Andre Eduardo dos Anjos O.
Kim helped us with obtaining my wife’s green card. She was highly recommended to us by one of our friends who has used Kim and her team for his wife’s green card as well. You can tell she’s very experienced and has been doing this for a long time. She knows what to do and will get it done without hesitation. Communication was great, always responded to our emails almost immediately. She was always making sure we were being taken care of. We’ve enjoyed getting to know Kim and we are forever grateful for Kim and her team. We highly recommend!!
Johnny F.
I got my green card on the same year I applied with Kim's help, when other people I know, who applied at around the same time on their own, are still waiting for theirs. Kim is so efficient with time, work, communication and everything you need taken care of.She's also very kind and fun, and personal. She followed through my case with USCIS and thanks to her our case was fast and smooth. Definitely worth the money!
Rosa B.
I have known Kim Buhler-Thomas for 16 years since she was recommended to me by good friends. She spoke to my husband and I, clear and without reserves, never gave us false expectations. Her fees were reasonable. She walked us through the long process of citizenship. Since then, she is my right hand in immigrations issues. I consider Kim a person of great integrity and principles and a greatest professional with sharp mind, solid knowledge and many others attributes. I will recommend her always. She is the best.
may S.
H1B Success! Kim is a very kind, patient and of course highly professional immigration lawyer! She "held" my hand through very stressful and overwhelming period of application process, guided through all the paperwork gathering. Kim helped me to keep my sanity and hopes by always being there for me, available by phone and email at all times! Kim is a hard worker and I highly recommend her! Will definitely use her services in future.
Julia K.
My friend recomended Kim Buhler(and so do I) as an Imigration atorney. So far everything worked great as she predicted! She always answered my emails right away and always kept me update during my entire processI Everytime we needed to talk to her in person it was easy to schedule an appointment. We were always welcome by her staff, specialy Eliza and Chelsie! Kim is full of energy, like we say in Brazil she is 220 Voltz!!Thank you Kim, Eliza and Chelsie!!
Micheline R.
Many Thanks to Buhler Thomas Law for the support, professional competence and 9 years of legal excellence that bought us the successful ending. I got a positive outcome,for a very difficult case. We would have never done this by ourselves without the help of Kim Buhler and her amazing team.We will always be thankful to you Kim Buhler Thomas Law Office. Without any reservation I would recommend Buhler Thomas Law for any of your legal needs of immigration law.
Julia K.
I hired Kim 9 years ago to help my wife get a CR-1 visa to come to the USA. We had a big problem at the US Embassy in Manila Philippines but Kim was able to solve our issues and get my wife her visa. After that we had problems with her getting her 10 year green card. Again Kim and her staff were able to solve the issues and get the card. Last week we got a call at 8 pm at night from Kim telling us that my wife was approval for her naturalization. Our case was a very difficult and without Kim I know it would not have turned out the way it did. My wife will be a US citizen and our family is so happy. I highly recommend Buhler Thomas Law firm for all immigration matters.
Douglas K.
Kim is awesome! She has been helping me and my wife. Her and her staff make the whole process as hassle free as possible. We really couldn't do it without you!
Zealand H.
It was a very pleasant experience working with Kim. We are based in LA and applying for family-based green card. Kim made sure to communicate with us promptly and whenever we sent her an email she almost replied immediately. It was a lot of documents for her to go through but she had it done a lot faster than we expected without compromising the quality of work. She was so focused on small details to make sure everything was perfect, which is also probably the reason why we never got a RFE and the whole process was like a rocket ride for us.I had been through the painful H1B process three years ago, my lawyer at that time was not very good. Hard to communicate and super careless, which brought me a huge RFE and I had to pay a lot extra to complete the application and my approval notice arrived 4 months after the normal time. It was devastating and stressful. Comparing that to my experience with Kim, I know the difference between a bad lawyer and a good lawyer, and the consequences that it could bring. That's why I am super grateful for Kim's awesome work.I strongly recommend Kim if you are seeking legal help. You only go through this once, why not make it easy and less stressful for yourself?
Kim is the best immigration lawyer you could ask for. My family and I have been using her services since we moved from India in the early 2000's. From green-card to citizenship, Kim has been there for us every step of the way. Kim and her staff are knowledgable, detailed and responsive. We have loved working with Kim and highly recommend her for anybody looking for an immigration attorney.
Meet N.
Great law firm for immigration law.
Jay J.
Kim Buhler-Thomas and her team are outstanding and clearly some of the best in the field of immigration law, based on my experience. Recently I got my I-140 approved, working with Kim. Throughout the course of our consultations, I found Kim to be extremely professional, responsible, knowledgeable and an experienced attorney. She is incredible and truly cares about her clients. Undeniably ethical, she gives the honest picture & then focuses on the specifics. Her clarity provides wholesome understanding & confidence. On a personal note, I feel I am working with one of the best of the lot & would highly recommend them.
Ashfaque M.
I've been working with Kim for over a decade now on everything from my OPT and student visa to green card application. You'll be hard-pressed to find a more proficient attorney who's more invested in the outcome of your case than Kim!The legal assistants and paralegals she employs are top-notch. Everyone responds promptly and work on tasks with urgency. Honestly, the amount of effort Kim puts into her cases always makes me feel a bit guilty for adding to her plate.Best immigration attorney in Utah hands down!
Roman K.
Such a great experience working with Kim. She helped us working quickly and smoothly through my husbands immigration process. The whole process was very straight and to the point, and we were able to get many of our questions answered. I highly recommend working with her and her team!
Jessica G.
Great place. Wonderful immigration lawyer.
Jay J.
Kim is a diligent, thorough and highly experienced immigration attorney and one of the most consummate professionals I have ever met. I have been working with her on my immigration processes over the last 3 years as my employer is a longtime client of hers. Over these 3 years, I've lost count of the times I've thanked my stars that I had Kim and her staff by my side to navigate the increasingly murky waters of immigration in this great country.I found her legal opinions to be highly informed, nuanced and comprehensive as she thoroughly inspected every detail from all aspects. She's highly experienced and has an exceptional track record. I've read and heard of good customer service, but I believe I truly witnessed the best in class with Kim. She or someone from her team is available to address your concerns at all times. It's easy to schedule appointments with her. When the situation demands it, she'll even make room for you after-hours. I'd like to share a personal anecdote to demonstrate this:A couple months back, I got a rather depressing RFE (Request for Evidence) from the Government on the H1B petition filed for me by my employer. That night, as I sat alone struggling to gather my thoughts and make sense of my situation, I got a phone call from an unknown number — it was Kim, she had interrupted her getaway to Lake Powell to call me from her husband's phone (as hers had a dead battery) to counsel me. She said that she knew I'd be worried and wanted to answer any initial questions I had. We talked for over an hour discussing strategy to craft a way forward, and I remember feeling confident before I went to bed. Through hours of highly productive meetings in the weeks that followed, she offered valuable oral counsel which we used to craft a comprehensive response packet. Her team made sure every requested item was addressed, and then some more.Kim has put together a top-notch crew that operates like clockwork, much like the building they operate out of — a lovely clock tower. Anne and Heather, the paralegals that have worked on my case, are highly knowledgeable, smart, attentive, hard-working, efficient and well-organized. When you visit their office, you'll notice the bustling activity with everyone scrambling at 100% capacity yet always ready to help you with your queries as they make you feel at home with a cold drink.I have nothing but the highest endorsement and lifelong gratitude for Kim and her firm. Kim went above and beyond her expected role in dealing with my immigration issues. She shared with me that she was herself an immigrant. Maybe that's what inspires her to burn the midnight oil and go the extra mile for her clients at every step.
Ankit S.
Kim was extremely helpful in answering my questions. She even took my call when she was in a meeting with a staff member. I could not have been more impressed! She also knew the answers to all my difficult questions. I'm a fan now!
Brent B.
Thank you for your help with my residency application!Your expertise made our application process as painless as possible and I received my residency card crazy fast!We met with you early summer (or late spring) in 2015 and after our appointment, it took more time than I would have liked to officially send our papers in (I did not post them until August 30th, right before we started school again), but the organization you recommended for the forms and documents was exceptional because I received my residency less than three months later!Because of how fast it went I was able to visit my family in Canada for Christmas that year. You had a direct hand in helping that be possible.Thank you again for your help!
Scott J.
"Excellent"Kim Buhler -Thomas and her team are fantastic! They are well organized, responsive, knowledgeable, personable, caring and the experts in immigration law. We have enjoyed a 5+ year partnership and will continue to recommend their services. Thank you Kim for all you do for us!
Rachel P.
Kim Buhler-Thomas and her team are outstanding and clearly some of the best in the field of immigration law, based on our experience. My family recently got our Green cards approved with Kim Buhler-Thomas office representing us. Throughout the course of our consultations, I came to know Mrs. Kim Buhler-Thomas as an extremely knowledgeable and experienced attorney. Her approach was realistic coupled with optimism. We were given the entire, bigger picture, before focusing on the specifics of our case, which gave us a sound understanding of the whole, and confidence in Mrs. Kim Buhler-Thomas to pursue our case. I appreciate her office for being approachable, extremely professional and pushing relentlessly for the success of our filing. Personally, I do not feel we could be in better hands, and I can’t thank them enough for the support during some very rough times. Highly recommended!
Luka S.
Honest and sincere human being. She was unable to help due to our difficult circumstances and offered a full refund for the consultation.
Ian G.
Kim helped me with filing H1b Visa and H4 visa for my husband. From day one they took my case, they started right away working on it.She explained to me step by step how my case will go and how long it'll take. Kim and her team were very thorough with filling all forms and explaining to me every detail and answered all my questions. She carefully prepared the application and guided us through the entire process. She is very prompt at responding and I highly recommend her.
Arwa K.
Kim Buhler helped me with my green card back in 2010. Her knowledge and expertize is beyond what I can describe in words. I highly recommend her services to anyone.
Cesar P.
I had a wonderful experience with the friendly and knowledgeable Kim Buhler-Thomas. The immigration work that we needed assistance for was at first very intimidating to me, but Kim helped me to let go of all fear and doubts by combating it with the power of knowledge. Through Kim, we learned what steps to take, exactly what must be done, and what documents were required. Kim was able to answer all of our questions- and believe me- I asked a lot of questions! Kim also had reliable and kind assistants who were always empathetic to our specific and various needs and never made us feel uncomfortable. Because of their rapid pace of work, we took care of our immigration needs in no time at all. Another thing to note is that Kim made sure to remain available any day, any time- whatever the concern, question or issue that popped up- there was Kim, willing, able, and ready to assist us! I urge you to work with Kim for your legal needs. You will not be disappointed!
Kathery Soares E.
Kim is the best immigration lawyer ever! Honestly, she is genuinely interested in helping you with the immigration stuff. She always responded almost immediately for any questions I had regarding my stuff. One time she called me at 8 pm to clarify a question I had. She has a really nice team!! I always left her office happy and satisfied!!
Chennakrishna S.
We hired Kim to walk us through the process for my then future daughter-in-law to apply for immigration papers and to get legal status. We started a couple of months before they were married. Kim had the process down so well that it was a breeze and you could tell you were dealing with someone who was credible and professional. She held our hand (so to speak) and the process was great...telling us where to go to get this or that, what documents needed to be submitted, how to get the marriage license submitted the day after the marriage...etc. This can be a very anxious time for someone seeking and wanting to go through this process. Kim made us all feel very at ease. This wasn't her first rodeo. When our daughter-in-law and son got the letter to go in for their interview with the immigration officer, Kim told them things to do and how to prepared so they were not surprised by the interview. She was great to return emails and text messages any time of day and any day of the week. From our first meeting with her we knew it was going to be alright and that we had been referred to the best person to handle this for us. Two days ago my daughter-in-law was approved and will get her temporary green card. Thank you Kim for all your help! America is better with this new addition to the country.
Jay F.
Kim is hands down the best immigration attorney around. I have engaged with different attorney's over years and I will not go anywhere else for immigration legal services. She is extremely knowledgable, efficient, responsive and she cares about her clients. Her team is also just as dependable as she is. I highly recommend Kim and trust in her and her team.
Jesse L.
We had a chance to work with Kim and her staff on our immigration paperwork. Kim is an extremely capable and professional attorney. She made sure every piece of documents we submitted were carefully reviewed and drafted. Not only very knowledgeable and experienced, Kim's also reliable and amazingly prompt with any questions we asked. You will be guaranteed with success, given that you do your parts right. The rest you can rely 100% on her. We highly recommend Kim!
Chi N.
Since the day I walked into the office I felt genuine interest from the lawyer to take my case and to know more about my situation, also I noticed that Kim had great interpersonal skills and was able to make everyone comfortable with the situation we were dealing with.
lehi j B.
I am so thankful for Kim and all of the help she has given me. I don't know if I could have survived this immigration process without her. She really knows everything there is to know about immigration--the proper steps to take, how to file all of the paperwork, what to do if something unexpected happens in the process. After my husband and I first filed for my green card, we received our biometric services appointment in the mail, but somehow overlooked it as another receipt and missed the appointment. Thank heavens for Kim and her connections! She was able to schedule us another appointment within just a couple of days, with no harm done to our application. There was no question we would be using her assistance again after two years when we had to apply for my 10-year green card. It is so worth it for the peace of mind she gives with filing such important legal documents. I will only use Kim's services for any immigration needs. She is very good at what she does!
Lacey J.
Kim is an amazing attorney! Her knowledge is so valuable. I also appreciate her frankness! ;) Aubrey and the entire staff are very helpful as well. I definitely recommend them!
Paul S.
I recommend this law firm for any immigration work. Kim Buhler is very professional, efficient, and genuinely cares for her clients. She is passionate about what she does and is very approachable. Her office staff is wonderful, they really care and know how to do their job. I contacted Kim Buhler to help with my brother and his family's immigration visa, which had been in the works for thirteen years! Kim and Laura, her assistant, knew what to do and how to do it and in a couple of months my brother and family had their interview with the American Embassy and their visas were approved. They really did a great job, and show that they care. It was a wonderful experience.
Yolanda C.
Best attorney I have ever hired. Will recommend and use indefinitely. If you need a lawyer and want the most knowledgeable, capable, quality, caring, and friendly, you have found her. I never thought I'd write a positive review about a lawyer, but this is one exception for sure. Thanks Kim!
slade S.
She saved us over a thousand bucks!I decided to fill out all immigration forms by myself for both my wife and step-daughter. Everything worked out well for my wife, but USCIS unexpectedly denied the visa for my step-daughter. I was faced with the option of appealing the denial or reapplying for an adjustment of status. Either choice would have cost me at least a thousand dollars in immigration fees, and I didn't know if it would even work. Knowing that I was in over my head, I decided to hire Kim for a consultation. Little did I know that she has connections with people in the immigration office and political leaders. So, our nightmare turned into a congressman petitioning that our case be re-evaluated. Within a week, our case had been reopened, and the process was continuing as normal! 30 minutes of our time in Kim's office resulted in my peace of mind and continuation of an immigration process that I believed had failed. Kim is the best attorney that I have ever had, and I will go to her for all of my future immigration needs.
Justin M.
My wife and I prepared as many documents as we could and in one appointment with Kim we felt confident to move along with the Green card application. I had my interview less than 90 days after submitting my packet. Kim was awesome and worth every penny.
James B.
I've worked with Kim Buhler on the application to my work visa along with my application to my marriage visa. She has done an amazing job at handling both cases and she is always on top of things. Kim and her assistants were always available to answer my questions at any time of the day.
Bruno O.
Kim and her team is awesome! I recommend her services to anyone looking for legal advise. She helped with my paperwork from Canada to the US and it was such a breeze. She is really busy but her team scheduled us really quickly and she answered all of our questions and concerns. Bring a notepad and your questions prepared because it is a lot of info but Kim presents it really simply
Monica C.
Used Kim's services 8 years ago (through corporation) to get my Perm. Res. Most recently I personally hired her to obtain my US citizenship. Her office was helpful and got the jobs done in a timely manner. Thank you.
Karla S.
We met Kim Buhler for the first time after another well-known immigration attorney in SLC failed to successfully transfer my H1B visa from one company to another. Since then Kim has successfully processed multiple H1B transfers and amendments for me and my husband as we switched companies or got promoted within; and finally our green card. Out of many good things, what we loved the most about Kim and her team is the attention to detail, timely action and responses, and their knowledge of the laws and regulations. Though Kim has the best paralegal team working for her, she personally checks the details of every single document they file and knows each case in and out, which I didn’t experience with my previous attorney. Most importantly Kim and her team understood that our whole future depends on the outcome of the immigration process. So they took great responsibility to make sure things are done correctly and timely. I highly recommended Kim Buhler’s firm for any immigration work.
Gaya S.
We have known Kim since 2010. For more than 5 years she has guided our immigration journey until both my husband and I have finally been greened! She processed both of my H1B work visas and the lengthy green card process, from recruiting and job advertising, to DOL petitions and complicated I140 petition (due to the fact that my company relocated to a different state in the middle of the process). She is fast, knows every bit of immigration law, but mostly Kim and her team deeply care about their clients. I have cried in her office through good times and bad times (when I thought my green card process would fall through since my company was relocating). Kim and her staff processes both of our Adjustment of Status under a week to allow my husband to get legal status asap and a work permit. My husband, who has brought here as a child was able to get greened through her knowledge and expertise right along with me. If you are in any immigration situations, but specially a work visa situation and work-related green card, you can trust Kim Buhler to take care of you.
Analize Chavez H.
Kim is excellent at her job. She knows the routine extremely well, and is there to help you through every step. I like Kim because she is THOROUGH!!!! She will not miss anything on your forms, she has it all accounted for and is extremely good. We went through our firms and completed as much as we could and then we took them to Kim, she circled whatever we did wrong in red, and wrote extremely helpful notes on how to complete them the correct way. (EXTREMELY HELPFUL)Kim is FAST, I slowed the process down more than Kim did. She is available for appointments and is extremely efficient in helping you. She is not reckless fast, she is just extremely efficient.If you call Kim she will respond as soon as she can. For being a very busy lawyer you can tell she is extremely organized and ready to respond. On a few different occasions I had specific questions, and Kim instantly got back to us to help us through.Kim is really about the people. I knew she had my wife and I's best interest the entire time. This was extremely nice. She is very good at understanding different people and helping them through the process... Look no further Kim Buhler is truly the best. I recommend Kim to everyone I know.
Ryan S.
My company has been utilizing Kim and her team for many years for our immigration needs. I have worked with some attorneys who seem to be busy and have little time for our individual case needs. However Kim and her team have always made me feel like our case is the number one priority in her office. She is very detailed, will push you for all the right documents, and will make sure the company or person is informed on the progress of the case. I could not be happier or have more confidence in a firm than I have in Kim and her team.
Ben G.
An Excellent Attorney / Una abogada excelenteKim Buhler is an incredibly talented, capable, and ethical lawyer, and I recommend her to anyone looking to retain an immigration attorney. The following brief comments are characteristic of my experiences with her. I had a question at one point regarding a possible shortcut in the naturalization process for my husband. Kim didn't know the answer 100%, yet wasn't afraid to call other attorney-colleagues to double check so she could give me the absolute truth, regardless of how it impacted my situation. This helped me see how deeply she cares about her clients and about being a thorough and capable advocate for them. Kim is, of course, very punctual and timely in responding to calls, texts, and emails. She is respectful to all parties involved and issues carbon-copied emails to prevent any gap of misunderstanding. She informed us of things to work on for the permanent resident interview months in advance and prepared us with mock interviews. Truly, choosing an immigration attorney can be a daunting experience. A lot of little errors on the attorney's end can wind you up into bigger trouble later on. Working with Kim, however, on immigration documents that required so much attention to detail, and on a matter that affected me and my family in such a huge way, I was able to rest peacefully at night.Kim Buhler es una abogada increíblemente talentosa, capaz y ética, y le recomiendo a cualquiera que quiera tener a un abogado de inmigración. Los siguientes comentarios breves son característicos de mis experiencias con ella. Tenía una pregunta tocante a un posible proceso más corto para la naturalización de mi esposo y Kim no sabía la respuesta al 100%. Sin embargo, ella no tenía miedo de llamar a otros abogados ó colegas para corroborar la respuesta. De esa manera, ella me podría dar la respuesta correcta y más acertada a mi situación. Esto me ayudó a ver lo interesada que ella está por sus clientes y en su situación legal. Kim es, por supuesto, muy puntual y responsable para responder a las llamadas, textos y mensajes de correo electrónico. Ella es respetuosa con todas las partes involuncradas y es clara en su información para evitar cualquier brecha de incomprensión. Ella nos informó de las cosas que necesitaríamos durante la entrevista para residencia permanente por adelantado y nos preparó con entrevistas simuladas. En verdad, la selección de un abogado de inmigración puede ser una experiencia desalentadora. Muchos pequeños errores del abogado pueden resultar en grandes problemas más adelante. Trabajar con Kim, sin embargo, en los documentos fue diferente por su atención a los detalles y su preparación, al grado que mi familia y yo pudimos tener tranquilidad durante este proceso.
Rebecca L.
Working with Kim Buhler was a great pleasure. Kim handled everything professionally and resourcefully and within a very specific time frame. All of my needs and wants were carefully heeded and met to my satisfaction. Not only was the situation handled professionally but it was also treated very graciously, which allowed me to become very comfortable and at-ease knowing that Kim would take care of me.
Kanon F.
Kim is simply a dynamic attorney who seeks to do all that lies in her power to help her clients. I can honestly say that she very carefully works at winning cases for all who hire her. She certainly helped me win my case.
Edem G.
Because of my work as Human Resources Manager, I have worked with several immigration attorneys over the years. All of that ended when I met Kim and her team! She is the only attorney I will use again. She is exact, and demands perfection and keeps her clients apprised of their status. She bends over backwards to help and to make sure everything is set - so the client will get approved. She is hands down the best immigration attorney I have ever worked with!
Paul D.
Kim helped me to get my H1b working VISA and she is very responsible along the whole process. When I am concerned about the processing time, she is patient and helpful to me. I can even call her on her cell phone when necessary. All of her assistants are nice too. Overall, she is someone that you can trust to represent you.
Qianwen B.
I had never needed legal services in my life and was always afraid of it. Kim was recommended by my college's advisor and I was so lucky to have Kim through the entire process. Kim was so PASSIONATE about what she does and everyone in her office is so welcoming and easy to talk to.I was running out of time with my H1B petition and Kim took my case (the timeline was very, very tight due to my lack of knowledge in the process). She was already swamped with other cases she had but she did not take short cut with mine. All the documents was carefully prepared and I was well informed the entire time. With the amount of work she puts into my case, I felt such great relieve to have someone who truly cares to be there for me. I called her office DAILY during that time and she was busy but never left any questions of mine unanswered. Kim and her team enjoy what they do and they stayed late at the office working on everyone's case before the deadline making sure everything is done right. She said it's important for her because my case is important to me, because it affects my life. And I can see that every time I interact with her.Also, she offers pro bono services often to community when her schedule allows her to help more people. She posted on facebook few days ago that she is offering families with LDS missionary or military free service for a power of attorney when they are gone. I think that is awesome that she uses her professional knowledge to do good deeds in the community.Legal services cost money, but Kim and her team are thorough, caring and genuine. You cannot find another lawyer that is like Kim. Now that my visa is approved, I'm still in touch with Kim as a friend and plan on staying in touch with her.
Eva C.
Kim Buhler and her staff are excellent immigration attorneys. My experience with Kim and her staff has been professional ; informed ; kind and personal. Kim is full of energy and has always provided me with options and has always answered my questions.My previous experience with immigration attorneys has be institutional. Kim has shown a personal interest in my situation. She shows passion and friendliness.Immigration for me prior to Kim Buhler has been a step into the dark ; with Kim and her company I have always felt that she addresses not only my legal matters but she understands the stresses and pressures associated with the process on me and my family.Her actions have always been in my best interests and she is extremely detail oriented. Each step of the process has been overseen by her personally even though she has and experienced and friendly staff who are also highly informed and experienced.This process has not been an easy one for me and my family but Kim and her staff has been there every step of the way.I have dealt with a number of attorneys during this process and when I found Kim I knew I was in good hands.She has exceeded all of my expectations.
Brenton S.