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Our office only practices immigration law which means our staff has specialized knowledge and is qualified to meet the varying legal needs of clients in our community. Intelligent Representation: Our law firm focuses on providing smart legal strategies that accomplish individual goals. We look at each case from a variety of angles and create custom plans that account for the many paths a matter may take. While some firms provide boilerplate ideas, we offer holistic solutions to your specific matter. Trusted Results: Our law firm has a strong track record of obtaining favorable results for our clients. These successes are directly due to our attention to detail, our ability to meet deadlines, and the capacity of Attorney Kim Buhler-Thomas to see the big picture in each case and provide practical strategies for accomplishing legal objectives. Attentive Client Service: Our entire legal team works collaboratively to accomplish our clients’ legal goals. We meet several times each week to discuss each case and the best options for moving forward.

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When facing a legal issue, choosing the RIGHT lawyer can make or break your case. Contact us at 801-694-0604 to find legal solutions to your dilemma.
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