PERM Labor Certification Attorney

The Department of Labor allows employers to bring a foreign worker into the United States to work permanently through something called a PERM labor certification. The application filing is in the hands of the employer, but it is also important for the employee to understand the process. At Buhler Thomas Law, P.C.., we utilize our nearly two decades of immigration law experience to guide you through each step.

If you are an employer seeking to utilize a PERM labor certification or an employee looking to learn more about working in the U.S. on a permanent basis, contact our law firm today. Based in Utah, we help clients throughout the world.

Helping You Obtain PERM Labor Certification

Permanent labor certification can only be issued if:

  • There is no adverse effect on the job opportunities or working conditions of current U.S. employees.
  • There are not sufficient United States employees available to complete the job.

The law requires that many tests be conducted by the employer to ensure that the correct conditions are met. Recruitment activities must be completed and the proper paperwork must be kept on file in order to ensure compliance with the program.

We can help you through this complex process and ensure that you meet the very time-sensitive deadlines associated with it.

Looking to Learn More About PERM Labor Certification From a Knowledgeable Lawyer?

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