Enforcement of Court Orders

If you have been issued a divorce decree or another order relating to child custody, visitation or support matters, the law requires that the order be followed. Should the other party fail to follow these orders, your life can be greatly impacted and your children can end up paying the price.

Whether you are owed support or are not receiving the visitation and custody rights you were promised, we can help. Contact Buhler Thomas Law, P.C.., for guidance through the enforcement of your family court orders.

Helping You Get the Support You Are Entitled To Receive

Child support is critical to the development and success of your child’s life. Paying for educational needs, medical bills and putting a roof over a child’s head is no easy task. When the court orders the other parent of your child to pay, he or she must pay to protect the best interests of all children involved. There are many options that we can explore should the other parent not pay, including:

  • Wage garnishment
  • Garnishing bank accounts
  • Suspending professional licenses
  • Contempt of court actions

We can also assist you in obtaining the spousal support that you are owed. If you have been awarded alimony but are not receiving your checks, consult with an experienced lawyer regarding your enforcement options.

Protecting Your Rights to Custody and Visitation

If you are not being allowed to see your children, despite a court order to the contrary, we can help. It is very critical for a child’s development to have both parents involved in his or her upbringing. If you are being denied your custody or visitation rights, you need to act quickly.

Contact a Utah Enforcement Lawyer

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