Custody & Visitation

Protecting Your Parental Rights and Advocating for the Best Interests of Your Children

When it comes time to discuss custody and visitation during your divorce, you may face tension, disagreements, and pushback. This is to be expected, because both parties have different ideas regarding serving the child’s best interests, and think that they are on the right side of the argument. This is why it is essential to work with an experienced child custody attorney who will commit to helping you and your children.

With the exception of certain adverse circumstances, it is strongly recommended that children continue to have relationships with both parents after a divorce. This will allow the child the closest semblance of a normal life after the separation, and give them as much support during their upbringing. Taking this into account, our child custody lawyers will help advocate for your custody goals, whether that is to obtain sole physical custody, joint custody or a favorable visitation schedule.

We strive to help our clients obtain peaceful resolutions to matters of custody and visitation through negotiated or mediated discussions. This is the method with the least conflict, and will allow the child to transition smoothly into the new arrangement with their parents. However, we understand that sometimes the only way to favorably resolve these issues will be through a trial. Attorney Buhler is a strong litigator and well prepared to promote your position and protect your rights in court.

As a mother herself, Attorney Buhler understands that your children are the most important people in the world. She is fully committed to helping you retain these relationships and move forward in your new life with your children in it. She has years of experience arguing on the behalf of parents who want to keep their children, and will use all her knowledge to ensure that the result is a positive one.

Orem Visitation Lawyer

When you face a legal issue, the child custody attorney you choose makes a difference. Contact us to arrange a meeting with a Provo child custody lawyer. We are ready to provide the solutions you need.