Basics to Know During Spousal Green Card Application

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There are very few easy processes within the world of immigration law, and one of the areas requiring the most documentation and detail is the sponsorship of a green card for one’s spouse. At Buhler Thomas Law, P.C., our immigration attorneys have worked through even the most complex spousal green card cases with great success.

Within this process, there are several different areas to pay attention to. Let’s look at a few, and what you can expect when applying for a green card while both spouses are in the United States.

Forms to Fill Out

Make sure to read all information extremely carefully, first of all. Here are the forms that the U.S. citizen must provide:

  • I-130 petition for alien relative
  • I-864 affidavit of support
  • G-325A biographic information

The foreign national partner has to file the following items:

  • I-485 adjustment of status
  • I-693 civil surgeon examination
  • G-325A biographic information

Filing Fees

The total filing fees for spousal petitions and applications to adjust status is $1,490 for most people. These fees can change, and there are exceptions for minors and elderly people. Certain fees might be waived in some cases as well – ask an immigration lawyer at Buhler Thomas Law, P.C. if you need specifics to your situation here.

Relationship Evidence

One of the most important parts of this application will be providing evidence that your relationship is bona fide – that you’re not taking advantage of the law for tax or other benefits. This documentation can include everything from wedding photos and documents to utility or other bills in both spouse’s names. If you have children, prove joint custody of them. Any joint bank accounts or policies are good, as are records at clubs, gyms or any other hared location. Anything that provides objective, concrete evidence of your true relationship should be provided – the most the better.

Want to learn more about spousal green card applications, or interested in any of our other citizenship attorney services? Speak to the lawyers at Buhler Thomas Law, P.C. today.